March 17, 2020 Notifications

Education & Employment Verification:
  • Education Verifications: Most high schools are currently unavailable for verification resulting in possible delays
  • Education Verifications: Higher education verifications may be delayed due to limited administrative staff and school closures
  • Employment Verifications: Delays expected due to intermittent closures of business nationwide resulting is possible delays
Occupational Health and Drug Screening Solutions (Labs and Clinics):
  • Clinic network and availability: Currently there is no disruption in service
  • Lab network and availability: Currently there is no disruption in service
  • Product and test supply and availability: Continuity of product supply is expected
Fingerprint Services:
  • Collection network availability: Collection sites will be impacted on a case by case basis. The availability of collection sites including enabled UPS stores will vary and candidates and employers are encouraged to call their desired selection site to confirm availability
Motor Vehicle Records:
  • At this time there is no disruption in service, however, states with manual processing requirements like PA and WA may be delayed

We are taking reasonable precautions during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak to help maintain business and operational continuity. We are in close contact with our key suppliers and vendors, and we have resiliency plans to help us address impact on our supply chain or logistics. We will provide more information as necessary in the event of any supply chain or logistics issues that may affect candidates or customers.