March 16, 2020 Notifications

Education & Employment Verification:

Many high schools and universities across the United States have either closed for an extended period of time or shifted to a virtual classroom environment.

  • Most high schools are currently unavailable for verification
  • Higher education verification may be delayed due to limited administrative staff

Employers are more challenging to isolate with specificity as closings are fluid and being directed by state and local municipalities.

Occupational Health and Drug Screening Solutions (Labs and Clinics):
  • Currently there is no disruption in service
  • Drug Testing: Currently there is no disruption in service
  • Fingerprints: we are seeing intermittent interruptions of service
Motor Vehicle Registration:
  • At this time there is no disruption in service but some status with manual processing requirements may be delayed.

We are taking reasonable precautions during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak to help maintain business and operational continuity. We are in close contact with our key suppliers and vendors, and we have resiliency plans to help us address impact on our supply chain or logistics. We will provide more information as necessary in the event of any supply chain or logistics issues that may affect candidates or customers.